Project Management

Local Government Solutions and Strategies has been providing professional consulting services in the public sector industry for over 25 years. From our knowledge and experience has evolved a comprehensive line of management services to successfully guide owners through the planning, design and construction of capital projects.

As an owner embarks on a new project they are faced with difficult tasks relating to scope definition, team assembly, budgeting, scheduling, quality, and above all managing their risk. And managing a capital project requires special expertise in a wide variety of areas that most companies simply do not possess. We have found organizations can struggle in balancing their daily duties with trying to manage architects, engineers and contractors. And if the efforts of these groups are not properly coordinated costly errors can occur. LGSS supports our clients by providing the capability and time necessary to manage these projects.

LGSS provides the proper oversight to ensure projects succeed. We possess the knowledge to successfully guide an owner’s organization to a stable platform for educated decision making. Large public, institutional and corporate projects have multiple stakeholders where budget, schedule, quality and safety interests can become unbalanced. Our architects, engineers and planners become an extension of the owner’s staff playing the role of trusted advisor. These resources enable us to anticipate problems and identify solutions to prevent negative impacts on the project budget and schedule. This is done by applying effective communication skills, supplying accurate documentation, and having on-demand staffing availability.

Planning and Funding Services

Local governments often have difficulty financing vital infrastructure projects while budgets remain low.  LGSS leads in identifying and obtaining funding for our clients.  Our seasoned professional staff has forged long term relationships with  many grant and lending agencies built from trust earned during  the many years we have been in business.  This translates to our ability to implement funding strategies to successfully develop and complete projects cost effectively.

LGSS routinely leverages multiple funding sources for projects such as industrial park development, design and construction of parks and trails, and water and wastewater plant improvements.  It is crucial to have experienced personnel that understand the various funding cycles, specific application requirements and policies, and payment processes that cannot only maximize current funding opportunities but can ensure a positive impression for future funding applications to be successful.  Our key personnel that secure project funding remain involved throughout the project duration while working with the entire project team from project conceptualization to completion.

LGSS’ vast experience covers the areas of water, wastewater, stormwater, community development, housing rehabilitation, planning / land use, economic development, construction observation and administration services, contracting services, project management, building department services, plan review, land development and funding research.

Local Government Solutions and Strategies has vast experience in securing grants and low-interest loans for the planning, design and construction of a variety of public projects. Over $90 million in funding has been secured by LGSS from various state and federal agencies.

Program/Grants Management

LGSS provides comprehensive grants management support and is a leading provider of grant application preparation services for many local governments. 

Our local government clients request our assistance because we protect the integrity of any objective review process, resulting in the fair and equitable disbursement of funds to successful applicants, and we provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful applicants.  Our role is critical in engaging applicant organizations and supporting stakeholders to ensure that the funding received supports the overall mission of these programs in a cost-effective manner.

LGSS has consistently received excellent evaluations from clients about our work in this field.