Leadership Development

LGSS provides Local Government Leadership training programs which offer a well-rounded curriculum to help your managers, supervisors, and community leaders significantly increase their effectiveness.  We have provided these and additional trainings for 100s of local governments in the United States.

Our dynamic curriculum teaches principles and skills that can be used by all public-sector employees and elected officials.

Why choose LGSS training programs?

  • Our professional trainers are international experts and former public administrators.
  • Our curriculum is comprehensive and flexible.
  • Out training specializes in local government.
  • Our classes are interactive, staff-friendly &  fast-paced.
  • We practice proven learning methods for the real world.
  • We increase productivity, lower complaints, make your agency more effective and improve service quality.
  • All courses are affordable for the smallest budgets.


The Local Government Customer Service Program

Those who interact with citizens or co-workers in the office, on the phone, in the community, or in the field will find new ways to approach both internal and external customers more professionally. Your staff will be known by citizens for their high-quality service.

We provide courses in four (4) areas listed below:

  • Communication Excellence in Local Government
  • Customer Service Excellence in Local Government
  • Dealing with Angry Citizens and Difficult People
  • Public and Private Partnerships to Effectively Serve the Citizens

Completing the Local Government Customer Service Program is easy: each attendee completes all four (4)  ½-day onsite workshops over a 2- to 8-month time period.

The Local Government Leadership Academy

Many municipalities and counties/parishes have discovered already that it’s getting harder these days to find and train the next generation of leaders who need guidance and skills to lead in perhaps the most difficult time in history.

Courses include: .

  • The Effective Local Government Leader
  • Communicating as a Municipal Leader
  • Setting the tone – Your Attitude
  • Managing your Time & Setting Priorities
  • Strategic Municipal and County Goal-Setting
  • Building a High-Performance Customer Service Team
  • Ethical Excellence
  • Building a Strong Municipal Team
  • Visionary Leadership Succession Planning

We recommend these Local Government Leadership Academy workshops be done over a 3- to 12-month time period.

Customizable: You can customize it to meet your highest training priorities. If you prefer, any of these workshops may be taken separately.

Certification: Each graduate receives a certificate of graduation signed by the Chief Administrator and/or Human Resource Manager, and the Trainer.